Balance Chicago Physical TherapyAdvanced, Effective and Quick

Our advanced physical therapy quickly and effectively resolves dizziness and balance disorders, and musculoskeletal pathologies.

LifeStyle Physical Therapy & Balance Center evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients with dizziness and balance disorders that stem from injury of the inner ear or balance system. Located in Chicago, LifeStyle is one of the country’s few facilities with the expertise to provide dizzy patients measurable results. Over 90% of our patients with dizziness, vertigo and balance problems experience a marked decrease in symptoms within four to eight weeks. For more information on vestibular rehabilitation.

LifeStyle physical therapists are also exceptionally trained in musculoskeletal pathologies and can provide excellent care for individuals seeking relief of pain due to injury or postural imbalance. Whether you suffer from lower back pain, need post-surgical rehabilitation, or are relieving a sports injury, LifeStyle can alleviate discomfort and help you live pain free. For more information on orthopedic rehabilitation.

LifeStyle uses proven techniques that help our patients take control of their dizziness and balance disorders as well as their orthopedic injuries. Through personalized one-on-one physical therapy sessions, we will help you reach your goals and get results.