Neck Pain and Dry Needling

Posted on 06. Mar, 2012 by in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

People often complain of having neck pain when they wake up in the morning, and they attribute it to sleeping on it wrong. Usually this lasts a day or two. Other neck pain can come about from direct injury to the neck, whiplash, stress, or extended periods of working at a computer. The first two can be serious immediately, and the last two, overtime, can become serious injuries if left on their own. Taking frequent breaks from work to walk around, stretch, or just shake your head yes and no a couple times will help reduce your risk of developing serious neck pain. Also, after a long day of work, try to keep your body and neck moving to reduce the chances of your neck pain becoming serious.

If the pain lasts more than a couple days you might have developed a trigger point, or bad muscle knot, in your shoulder, neck, and head preventing your range of motion and often causing pain. Techniques that we use to release trigger points involves movement, massage, and Trigger Point Dry Needling. Trigger Point Dry Needling uses acupuncture needles to break up these trigger points faster than movement or massage. The patient has increased range of motion and pain relief after one session. To find out more information or a therapist near you, please visit to see if Dry Needling is something that could help you.



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